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A cuppa a day could keep diabetes at bay

Story and photo by CHRISTINA KOH
The Star, 7 June 2003

Five years ago, retired businessman Freddy Tan developed diabetes after undergoing surgery for cancer of the larynx.

It was then that a Malay friend introduced Tan, 62, to the misai kucing tea, saying that it was good for those with diabetes, gout and high blood pressure.

Tan was however sceptical.

"When I was diagnosed with cancer, many people suggested that I take herbs and traditional Chinese Medicine."

Although unconvinced, he tried the tea, and to his surprise, found his insulin levels dropping just days of drinking it and a change in his eating habits.

To convince himself, he started researching the properties of the plant and subjecting it to tests.

And when his friends reported feeling better after a few weeks of drinking the tea, he was sure of what he wanted to do.

Besides drinking the tea daily, he makes soups with spices and the herb.

He said misai kucing would not dehydrate the body although it was a diuretic.

"I'm not claiming that the tea can cure diabetes. This is nonsense. The message I'm trying to deliver is that, from my personal experience, misai kucing does clean our body of toxins and help stabilise a diabetic's sugar levels", he said.

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