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Java Tea - Misai Kuching - Kumis Kucing - Orthosiphon Stamineus

1. What is java tea / misai kuching / kumis kucing / orthosiphon?

Java Tea ( locally known as Misai Kuching or Kumis Kucing) is a medicinal plant, native in South East Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand...) and some part of Tropical Australia. It is a herbaceous shrub which grows to a height of 1.5 meter.It has been cultivated for a long time and is a popular garden for it's elegant and unique flower, white and bluish in color with far-exerted filaments that looks like cat's whiskers. In the wild, the plant can be seen growing along the forest edges, roadsides and wasteland.

2. What are other common names for java tea / misai kucing / orthosiphon?

Common names for this pant are Misai Kuching (Malaysia), Kumis Kucing and Remujung (Indonesia), Java Tea and Kidney Tea (European), Yaa Nuat Maeo (Thailand).

Scientific Names are Orthosiphon Stamineus Benth, Ocimum Aristatum BI., Orthosiphon Aristatus (Blume).

Plant family: Lamiaceae, Labiatae

3. What are the medicinal virtues of java tea / misai kuching / orthosiphon?

This plant is best used for treating the ailments or problems of kidney and bladder due to it's mild diuretic action. It is believed to have antiallergenic, antihypertensive, anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties.It is used as a remedy for kidney stone and nephretis. It is also used for treating gout, diabetes, hypertension and rheumatism. It is also reported to possess antifungal and it exhibits considerable antibacterial activity.

4. Is there any research/clinical test done on java tea / misai kuching / orthosiphon?

Java tea or misai kuching began to interest researchers as early as the beginning of the 20th century when this plant was introduced to europe where it became a popular herbal health tea. For more information on researches done, please follow this link.

5. Where can I see graphic photo of java tea / misai kucing / orthosiphon?

Gallery 1 - Gallery 2

6. What are the products based on java tea / misai kuching / orthosiphon available in the Market? Where can I buy raw herbs of this plant?

Java tea/misai kucing is appearing in many products where safe duratic action is required such as detoxification, water retention, hypertension, weight loss and for kidney stones. The products appear in form of tablets, capsules, tea sachets, drinks, raw herbs, dried leaves or extracts.

8. Where can I read more about java tea / misai kuching / orthosiphon on the internet?